Football Master is world’s first blockchain football game, officially authorized by National Top Football Clubs, supporting EGT,FANZ,ETH etc. It covers over 5000 licensed worldwide famous professional football players and various of random football players with different appearances and capacities from different countries. Here, you can sign the super star, connect with the top players from other clubs, or discover your own fresh star. Enjoy football, Earn money!

Game System

  • Scout

    It covers thousands of registered professional players worldwide, as well as numerous random players with different appearance, nationalities and abilities.

  • Trading

    You can spare no cost to sign up famous superstars, poach top-ranking players from other clubs, earning staggering transfer fees!

  • Match

    With your wisdom and strategy, you can also establish a unique team, competing in tournaments, Enjoy the Realistic match based on physic simulation engine.

  • More

    We plan to update the game, adding new competitive and social mechanics. Join Football Master, enjoy the glory of champions!

Game Features

  • Exclusive Club

  • Digital Assets

  • Trading Market

  • Real Match